106,560 Minutes South Beach

This is a pre-order for one of the first 50 copies of my upcoming (handcrafted) book, 106,560 Minutes.
Ships between July 1 – July 15th.

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Soon to be the coolest book on your coffee table.

*No people or vehicles were removed from any photos in this book*

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I’ve spent 7 years of my life living in this neighborhood. Living here during these ‘Rona times might be as close as I will get to experiencing South Beach as quiet as it was when these buildings were built in the mid 1900’s – and the population was largely made up of retirement communities. It’s been a trip.

May 26th, 2020.
I’ve been out of work 3 months now- not a single gig/contract. Since 2012 I’ve been working as an independent contractor creating motion graphics for brands and building art installations for events, galleries, and festivals. This past March marked 8 years of running my own business! Now, with this pandemic shutting much of my industry down, I’m finding myself with a lot of free time.

With this down time I’ve been working on a special personal project that I’m really excited to share, this photo book. All photos were taken between March 19th and May 31st, 106,560 Minutes, the dates Miami Beach beaches were closed and barricaded off. (Scheduled to open June 1st).

I’m still in the process of editing and selecting photos for this book. I plan to start making them late-June, and shipping between July 1-July 15. To get a sense of what this book will look like, check out photos of my first book, 51,741 Miles : Life In A VW Bus


Specs: 30 pages. The book measures 8.25″H x 6″W. Printed on photo matte paper – 235 gsm (thick!). Paper is water-resistant and pulp/acid- and lignin-free. Printed using archival pigment inks. These prints are of the highest quality!

Photo Preview of book contents:

Ocean Drive Art Deco Miami Beach VW Bus Westfalia Sean Was Here
Macs club deuce Miami Beach South Beach Sean Was Here
Sean Was Here Street Photography Miami Beach South Beach Art Deco

Photo of my first book, 51,741 Miles : Life In A VW Bus, below. This new South Beach book will be constructed in a similar format.

Sean Was Here Photobook