S0030005 2 Jump!  San Jose, Costa Rica Sean Was Here

S0940170 Seen In San Jose: Puck Cinema Caravana Sean Was HereTagged at the smallest cinema on earth, the Puck Cinema Caravana aims “to intensify the passion for animation cinema or just to recover the cinema experience, particularly, enjoying for a moment the smallest but so great audiovisual work.” Puck Cinema Caravana. San Jose, Costa Rica

DSCF8134 Sean Was Here:  FIA Arts Festival, San Jose Costa Rica Sean Was Here

S0038003 On The Street.  Street Art By Kevin Ledo.  San Jose, Costa Rica Sean Was Here

S0547328 The Hoxton.  San Jose, Costa Rica Sean Was HereThe vibe at Hoxton reminds me of something between Brooklyn and Miami. Hoxton- San Jose, Costa Rica

S0738103 Bomba Estereo On Stage At FIA Art Festival.  San Jose, Costa Rica Sean Was HereBomba Estereo onstage at the The International Arts Festival in San Jose. Check her out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZXlgNMDK3E

DSCF7259 On The Scene: San Jose Sean Was Here

DSCF6350 On The Scene: San Jose Sean Was HereFinishing out this trip in San Jose. I hadn’t given San Jose much thought considering everything else Costa Rica has to offer, but it’s a pretty cool city. Street art, night life, food, and good people – I haven’t even touched the surface yet. Vertigo- San Jose, Costa Rica

S0349099 1 Carniceria La Mejor.  San Ramon, Costa Rica Sean Was Here

S0864247 1 Crossing the Gulf of Nicoya: Tambor III Ferry, Costa Rica Sean Was Here

S0076200 On The Street: San Ramon Sean Was Here

S0774238 On The Road:  Road Block.  Costa Rica Sean Was HereIt hasn’t been unusual to see large animals roaming around on their own. Pura Vida! Costa Rica

S0123038 1 That Golden Sunset.  Santa Teresa, Costa Rica Sean Was Here

S0644213 Juicing Up In The Hostels.  Costa Rica Sean Was HereTurns out bringing our juicer to the hostels is a great way to meet like-minded people. Share the juice! Pictured here, Andy juicing in the kitchen at our Hostel in Montezuma, Costa Rica

S0264135 1 Waterfall Diving.  Montezuma, Costa Rica Sean Was HereSpent a day swimming at the waterfall in Montezuma and then caught the sunset in Santa Teresa. It was perfect. Montezuma, Costa Rica

S0394177 3 1 The Most Amazing Times Of My Life.  Costa Rica. Sean Was HereIt feels right to be here. Pictured is the organic market in Santa Teresa – It’s an vegan organic farmers market that happens every Saturday. They start in Montezuma in the morning. By noon, they pack it up and head out to Santa Teresa for the afternoon. The people here are just amazingly friendly and happy. Santa Teresa, Costa Rica